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Paying for EdUnlimited

How much does EdUnlimited cost?

Your first 7 days of EdUnlimited are a free trial. After your first 7 days are over, it costs just $12.99 a month for unlimited access to all of our titles.

If you decide EdUnlimited isn't for you – no problem. No commitment. Cancel online at any time.

How can I pay for EdUnlimited?

EdUnlimited accepts Credit and Debit Cards.

  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards.
  • Cards must be enabled for recurring e-commerce transactions to work with EdUnlimited.

Can I pay for more than one month at a time?

No. At the moment EdUnlimited only charges monthly.

Are there any additional fees associated with the monthly EdUnlimited charge?

No. EdUnlimited only charges the monthly subscription fee, which includes GST.

Managing Your Plan

Where can I see my plan and price?

To see your plan and price sign in to your EdUnlimited account and go to my account page.

How do I update my payment information?

To update your payment information, sign in to your EdUnlimited account and go to change payment details page.

How do I change my billing date?

To change your billing date, you’ll need to cancel your account and restart it on the date you’d like to be billed on.

If you cancel in the middle of your billing cycle, the cancellation will not fully complete until the end of that billing cycle, and you will be unable to restart your account until after that time. If your account is on a hold, your cancellation will be effective immediately, and you can restart your account at any time.

How do I see my EdUnlimited billing history or monthly invoice?

If you would like to see your billing history, click on Billing Details from your Account page. You can also select individual dates to see that month's invoice.

How do I cancel EdUnlimited?

We hate to see you go, but if you need to cancel your account and end your membership, simply follow the steps in How do I cancel EdUnlimited?

Understanding the Free Trial

What is a free trial?

EdUnlimited offers a free 7 day trial to new EdUnlimited members that provides unlimited access to all EdUnlimited titles. If you enjoyed your free trial, you will be charged after the trial ends. You will not be charged for the trial itself.

If it's a free trial, why do I have to enter payment details?

EdUnlimited asks for a payment method to ensure you don't have any interruption in service after the free trial ends. We do this by sending an authorisation request to your financial institution to verify that your payment method works.

What happens after the free trial?

If you enjoyed your free trial, you will be automatically charged for a monthly subscription and continue to have unlimited access to EdUnlimited when your trial ends. If you cancelled your trial before it ended, you will not be charged, and you will no longer have access to the EdUnlimited titles.

Why do I see a charge when I signed up for a free trial?

EdUnlimited verifies your payment details when they’re added or updated on an account. This process helps us ensure that the card provided is valid, and that it can be charged successfully in the future.

We validate the information by submitting an authorisation for either $0 or $1. These requests are not charges, but the authorisation amount may temporarily affect the available balance or show up as a pending charge on a bank statement while the bank ensures there are sufficient funds. This is a temporary authorisation charge and it will disappear from the statement.

When this authorisation returns a successful result, we immediately send an automatic reversal requesting that the bank remove the authorisation from your statement. While the request is immediate, it may take several days to reflect in your account. Check with your bank to see when you can expect the funds to be released.

Resolving Payment Issues

Why do I see a message that there’s a problem with my payment method?

This message indicates that EdUnlimited was unable to collect a payment because the financial institution rejected the monthly charge. To resolve the issue, sign in to your EdUnlimited account and update or change your payment method. In most cases, this will resolve the issue.

If you're still having trouble updating your account with new payment information, please try a different payment method, or contact your financial institution to ensure your payment information is up to date and supports e-commerce transactions.

Why isn’t my payment method accepted?

EdUnlimited accepts many payment methods. If you've confirmed that your payment method is listed under the "How can I pay for EdUnlimited?" section above, and your payment method is still not being accepted, contact us for further assistance.